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Customer Experience

The Company

A UK-based hotel company [franchise arrangements with a multi-national operator].  A small call centre handling 130,000 calls per year.

The Challenge

When ResSolutions first went into this call centre it was handling 130,000 calls per year:

6 calls per hour per FTE

22 FTE19% sales conversion

42% quality (as scored by ResSolutions protocol)

Attrition at 1.5 FTE per month

The Solution

RResSolutions made a complete audit of structure, call source, costs per hour, scheduling, recruitment, training, coaching, telephony systems, capacity and made wide-ranging changes:

The call centre was placed firmly in the centre of the organisational structure and now helps mould and lead distribution and commercial strategy.

A new telephony system was implemented enabling improved call routing and forecasting

Recruitment and training practices were overhauled

A new bonus scheme was introduced

Quality monitoring was implemented with mystery shopper scoring

A new management structure was introduced

Hotel reservations were consolidated into the centre.

Reporting systems were established enabling performance management processes to be implemented more effectively

The Result

The performance metrics have improved as follows:

12 calls per hour per FTE

500,000 calls per year (from 130,000) with just 4 extra advisor FTE

33% conversion

80% quality to the same protocol

Attrition at .5 FTE per month.

The contact centre very clearly at the heart of this company’s business.

Case Study 4

Case Study 4

UK Hotel

 HotelUK Hoy

Outsourcing for a UK Hotel Company

David Murray, Vice President of Strategic Account Management CEMEA at Teleperformance

 “Rachel is a Contact Centre professional who is inspired by new media technologies and the transformation they can have within the contact centre environment.”