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Ramada Jarvis

The call centre operation at Ramada Jarvis at High Wycombe had limited opening hours and a small centre of just 30 FTE.


The Challenge

 High Wycombe is a high employment area and Ramada Jarvis had found recruitment challenging particularly for evening and weekend staffing.  Being a small operation it was unable to ‘ramp-up’ to respond to marketing activities and often abandoned high levels of calls during promotional activity.  Over 36,000 calls were unanswered in out of-office operation where the caller would get a closed message and more than 16,000 calls abandoned during office hours each year.

office hours each year

The Solution

ResSolutions sourced a site one hour from the client’s High Wycombe headquarter.

The service required an aggressive start-up to implement Citrix and VPNs, new DDIs to enable diversion of calls from the Ramada platform and to train 25 staff at a shared services call centre from contract signing to “go live”. ResSolutions demonstrated their ability to proactively provide solutions within client expectations and met all timeframe requirements.

The Result

Ramada Jarvis calls are now answered 7 days a week between 07:00 and 23:00 with the ability to increase these hours if required.  Calls abandoned during promotions will be greatly reduced.

Moving forward ResSolutions hopes to grow the partnership between Ramada Jarvis and the Outsource Company, and use the latter’s capabilities to enable Ramada Jarvis to benefit from innovative contact centre solutions which would have been beyond their reach previously.

Case Study 3

Case Study 3


Outsourcing for a UK Hotel Company

Chris Martin, Director of Distribution and Revenue, Ramada Jarvis.

“Rachel worked with Ramada Jarvis over a four year period and made an enormous contribution to the business.  First, she established a centralised call centre; and then transformed it into a fully integrated multi-channel customer contact centre.  Rachel has a never ending desire and enthusiasm to improve efficiency and generate revenue.  Through the delivery of streamlined processes and the introduction of clear and concise KPI measures, we were able to considerably reduce the cost of our operation while doubling call handling per hour and seeing near 100% improvements in revenue per call and conversion levels.  And if that weren't enough, Rachel is great fun to work with too!”